Reinvent your chocolate moment


Contest Info

The 'Reinvent chocolate' contest is for all the chocolate lovers out there who are yearning to invent a new type of chocolate bar/tablet (the terms "bar" and "tablet" are used interchangeably in some countries). We look forward enthusiastically to seeing your ideas!  We want to see your ideas!

We want you to submit ideas for a new chocolate bar/tablet which will offer a completely unique chocolate experience.

To get started it might help you to visualize your favorite chocolate moment: to think about who you were with, where you were and what you were doing. Let the story inspire you and reflect on how this experience could be made even better: Think about what the chocolate bar/tablet would be like. Let your imagination and creativity roam free and give us your best ideas, the ideas that you believe will transform the way we experience chocolate.

Some inspirational questions that you might ask yourself

  • What does your ideal chocolate bar/tablet look like?
  • What kinds of people would enjoy your chocolate bar/tablet?
  • How would this new, reinvented chocolate bar/tablet make you feel?
  • Why is your chocolate bar/tablet better and different than what already exists today?
  • What does it taste like?
  • What would the packaging be like?
  • What does it feel like in your mouth?
  • How would this new chocolate bar/tablet feel in your mouth when you’re eating it?

Rather than just focusing on new or different flavors & ingredients, think about unique and interesting looks for a chocolate bar/tablet and its packaging, all of which would help to enhance the chocolate experience. We're most interested in furthering and expanding upon the very things that make the chocolate bar/tablet the wonderful, comforting and fun thing to eat that make it so special. Things like how easy a chocolate bar is to break into pieces and share or how it doesn't need to be a high-end niche product to be exceptional – it just has to be really yummy chocolate. Remember, we're specifically looking for ideas about chocolate bars/tablets as opposed to bags or boxes of chocolate pieces. So don’t forget to retain the things that you already love about chocolate bars/tablets; being able to share it with friends & family, being able to break off as many pieces as you like and most of all… having an abundance of delicious, satisfying chocolate!

Provide as much detail as you can to bring your idea to life and to excite the community about your idea. Use visuals from a simple sketch to a full-blown model or prototype photo. Visualizing your idea will help others to better understand it and will make your ideas stand out from the crowd. We also want you to describe where you would eat your new chocolate creation, who would you be with and how it would make you feel. Inspire the community!

Please submit your ideas in English only, so that everyone in the community can understand and contribute to your idea.

To take part in the contest, just register and join the community and help inspire the chocolate bar/tablet of tomorrow!