Reinvent your chocolate moment


Adam Harris
Mondelez International (formerly Kraft Foods)
Principal Scientist - Research & Development

Adam has been with Mondelez International (Kraft Foods/Cadbury) for 15 years, working in Research, Development & Quality, focusing on chocolate product design and development. He has developed and launched products locally and globally. He currently works in the ‘Global Chocolate’ team based in Bournville, UK. He spends his day playing, creating and eating chocolate.

"I believe this is a great opportunity to make the imaginable possible. I am always inspired and excited at how people’s ideas and experiences with chocolate can change the way consumers feel, it is truly inspirational. I am looking forward to being inspired by your imagination."

Andrea Gough
Mondelez International (formerly Kraft Foods)
Chocolate Tablets Marketing Manager – Australia & New Zealand (ANZ)

Andra is a strategic marketing manager and has been with Mondelez International (Kraft Foods) for 2 years.  Andra currently manages the ANZ chocolate Tablets portfolio based in Melbourne, Australia with a key focus on Cadbury Dairy Milk and its playful & innovative sub-brands of Bubbly and Marvellous Creations.

"I am humbled to be part of the jury panel for this contest and very looking forward to your fresh, innovative and truly compelling ideas that will re-ignite the chocolate tablets category & positively transform the lives of our consumers"

Barbara Cooper
Mondelez Canada (formerly Kraft Canada)
Senior Brand Manager, Chocolate Innovation

Barbara has been with Mondelez Canada for 8 years in brand marketing and innovation.  She has worked on the chocolate team for the past five years, and is devoted to chocolate both personally and professionally.  Barbara has managed key brands like Cadbury Dairy Milk in Canada and Toblerone for North America, and now leads chocolate innovation in Canada.  She is located in Toronto.

"Is there anything more exciting than getting creative with chocolate? I can’t wait to see all the imaginative, inspired, delicious ideas that will change the way people think about chocolate."

Benazir Batada    
Mondelez International (formerly Kraft Foods)
Senior Brand Manager Cadbury Dairy Milk

Benazir has been with Mondelez International (Kraft Foods) for 8 years, working in Marketing and Innovation across different categories, including Cheese and Grocery as well as Chocolate. She currently works in the Chocolate Marketing team based in Uxbridge, UK, looking after local tablets innovation.

"I’m really excited about being part of this Jury and am truly looking forward to receiving great new concepts for chocolate tablets that will have mass appeal as well as incremental potential for the UK and Irish markets."

Pawel Lipski
Mondelez International (formerly Kraft Foods)
Senior Manager, Strategy

Pawel has been with Mondelez International (Kraft Foods) for 18 years, working in Strategy, and previously in Marketing. He currently works in the Global Chocolate team based in Zurich, Switzerland. Before this he worked in the UK, Singapore and his native Poland. I spent most of my time at Kraft working on Chocolate… yummy!

"I think this contest is a fantastic way to help us create an even better chocolate for you, drawing on your ideas and creativity. We want our next new chocolate to reflect what people want, and I am very excited to be on the jury panel and get a chance to see all the ideas coming through."

Ricardo Carvajal
Mondelez International (formerly Kraft Foods)
Industrial Design Team Leader

Ricardo is a designer with a vast experience in the creation of products and experiences in different industries and for different markets. His career has been developed in Latin America, US,  Europe and now in the United Kingdom.  He is currently leading the design group that provides creative thinking and design support to the different product platforms and process solutions teams to create not only great products but amazing chocolate experiences for the global consumer.

"Being part of the selected group of experts for this contest is a great way to interact  with our consumers and understand  from them their ideas for great chocolate. The contest is an open opportunity that will allow us to get a deeper knowledge of your expectations and insights around chocolate."

Steffi Bellmann
Mondelez International (formerly Kraft Foods)
Research Manager, Consumer Insights DACH

Steffi has been working for Mondelez International (Kraft Foods) for 2 ½ years within Consumer Insights in Germany, where she talks and listens to German, Austrian and Swiss chocolate consumers to understand their behavior and to support marketing to create compelling brands and products.

"How wonderful to connect to creative people like you! I am looking forward to all of your ideas – big visions as well as first little sprouts. I believe this platform can give all of them space to resonate, evolve and form to something strong and unique. Let your imagination fly!"

Susanne Alig-Mathis   
Mondelez International, Global Chocolate
Senior Innovation Manager

After a business education and a few years building up a start-up, Susanne joined Mondelez (Kraft) over 8 years ago to work on our best chocolate brands; Milka, Toblerone. From her first day on the job she created new chocolate products for different markets, different consumers and different tastes.

"What an opportunity to engage with consumers directly to shape the next big chocolate tablet ideas. This is a new tool for us at Mondelez and I am very excited & curious to try it out with you!"

Tamsin Darroch
Mondelez International (formerly Kraft Foods)
Senior Brand Manager, Chocolate Tablets (South Africa)

Tamsin has worked across Chocolate bars, candy and tablets within the South African business. She has been extensively involved in driving consumer’s love of our brands through powerful, effective advertising and relevant, differentiated innovation. Whilst she has been working on the chocolate tablets portfolio for the last 5 years in South Africa, sales value has doubled. Recently she was responsible for the launch of Cadbury Bubbly in South Africa, which has been a huge success!

"I’m very excited to use my knowledge of the category & market to uncover ideas that are uniquely ownable to our brand, inspire our colleagues and deliver great growth for our company. But ultimately I’m looking for ideas that our consumers absolutely fall in love with.  I’m hoping that we discover special & distinctive concepts that can be made into products that sell themselves!"

Zoe Aitken
Mondelez International (formerly Kraft Foods)
Senior Manager, Consumer Insights & Strategy

Zoe has been with Mondelez International (Kraft Foods) for 7 years, working in Consumer Insights and Strategy. She currently works in the ‘Global Chocolate’ team based in Zurich, Switzerland. Previously she managed the Consumer Insights team in the Australian business.

"I feel privileged to be a part of the jury panel for this contest and I’m looking forward to being inspired by your creativity and imagination. We are looking for big ideas that will excite people and deliver completely new and different chocolate experiences."