Reinvent your chocolate moment


The concepts will be evaluated by experts and voted for by the online co-creation community. All participants are invited to evaluate the designs and ideas in the competition, thereby supporting the jury and increasing their activity counter. They do this by commenting upon and giving ratings to other proposals.

The jury will make the final and ultimate decision on the winning entries; this decision will be published and the winners notified in February 2013.


Idea Entry


In the idea entry area, all Kraft Foods brands that manufacture chocolate bars/tablets (the terms “bar” and “tablet” are used interchangeably in some countries) are listed. A field labeled ‘other’ will be provided for users who feel particularly connected to a specific Kraft Foods brand. Users can select one brand per idea entry, with which they have had a special moment/experience or to which they feel particularly connected. Users can also filter ideas by brand in the Idea Pool to make finding specific ideas quick and simple.

Describe your idea:

In this section of the idea entry you enter a description for your idea. You should try to make the description easy to understand and precise. You can attach a visualization of your idea in image form.

Please describe your idea considering the following questions:

  • What is the one defining characteristic of your chocolate bar/tablet?
  • What kinds of people would enjoy your chocolate bar/tablet?
  • How would this new, reinvented chocolate bar make you feel?
  • How would this new chocolate bar/tablet change the way you enjoy chocolate?
  • How would this chocolate bar/tablet feel in your mouth when you are eating it?
  • How would it add value to the experience?

Inspiring Moment:

In this optional section you can describe the moment that inspired the chocolate bar/tablet idea which you submitted above. Tell us a story or describe the way sharing a chocolate bar/tablet makes you feel. Here you can let you inner chocolate lover reign supreme and show the world what chocolate really means to you!